we have been living and working throughout Asia for many years
so our local understanding, knowledge, and experience guarantee your success

IMS Global Services in Asia

Living and working in Asia for over 30 years, our services have evolved to better suit the needs of our clients

So if you're expanding or starting a new operation in Asia we can simplify the process

Our local representatives based in China and Thailand can work with you for more specialised local support.

where and how in Asia

We are thoroughly committed to our presence in Asia and are continuously working to further develop our current relationships whilst establishing the grounding for future expansion in the region

We have gained valuable experience during the many years working throughout many countries in Asia. Combined with our empathy with diverse Asian cultures, business practices, social structures acquired through these years on the ground we have an invaluable insight into the business world in Asia

We have IMS representatives based in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzen in China, and in Bangkok in Thailand and Taiwan. Our people also have many years experinece living and working in China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, Fiji, and New Zealand. So we are able to quickly and efficiently service the local market operating from central hubs for the complete region

With many of our team members based in Asia and the remainder with extensive experience working throughout Asia, we are able to provide a personalised and localised service with an understanding and empathy for the local cultures. This is true for both business and social situations and ensures a smooth transition for all projects undertaken

The ability to support our clients and currently established local service providers with personnel at all levels with the expertise, experience, OHS qualifications, and standards enables us to offer these local companies the ability to offer World’s Best Practice services backed by the support of a team that can deliver

An intimate understanding of Asian and Australian business practices, cultural ideals and social behaviour is extremely important to an international company doing business in the Australasia Pacific region and we are confident that our experience developed in this area has assisted with gaining such respect and understanding. It is with our prior success and this knowledge in mind that we base our future aims on further penetration into the Asian market

The base of IMS Installations is our core team leaders with certified extensive managerial and electro-mechanical skills supported by a wealth of experience in many areas of industry. There are key members of the our team based in Australia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines who all have personal experience and knowledge of plants in these countries as well as many others in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand. This wide operational base and broad knowledge enable our representatives to provide an almost instantaneous response combined with the ability to succeed in areas of extreme adversity

We have the experience; we have the ability and skills; we have the ambition and the drive; we have the proven record of accomplishment. Considering these assets and taking into account our extensive experience combined with our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the local regions, we are positive that we can provide the level of support required to ensure the furthering of a professional, competent, and responsive corporate image