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IMS Global Services in East Timor

The unique challenges facing companies in East Timor place significant drains on resources and aren't part of most companies operations, so this is where IMS provides support, assistance, and peace of mind

our direction and our people in East Timor

IMS is thoroughly committed to its presence in East Timor and is continuously working to further develop its current relationships whilst establishing the grounding for future expansion in the region

From our base in East Timor we provide a dependable service with solid government and business relationships to ensure you of the highest level of security and reliable infrastructure resources

Our East Timor representative has extensive experience in East Timor and the specific logistical, security, and electrical supply and generation requirements for operating there. The IMS team provide on the ground logistics and engineering support in East Timor and have many years of engineering, power generation, and logistics experience

With our rapid response capability IMS is able to quickly and efficiently service the local market and operate from a central hub for the complete region

Many IMS people are based in Asia and the remainder all have extensive experience working in Asia, so we are able to provide a personalised and localised service with an understanding and empathy for the local culture. This is true for both business and social situations and ensures a smooth transition for all projects undertaken by our team

We are able to support currently established companies or those interested in starting operations with various services including:

All the people at IMS look forward to our expansion in East Timor and the growth this brings to us both in business and personally