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IMS Privacy Policy

At IMS Global Services we place an extremely high value on privacy and maintaining the security of our clients is vitally important. Here you will find a little more about our privacy and IP protection policy

privacy & IP protection is essential

Privacy makes a fundamental part of IMS' business. Resulting from its strong and invariable customer focus, IMS takes a systematic and comprehensive approach to security, which has led to creation of a solid security management framework. Not only does IMS protect its own business critical systems and confidential information, the company also spares no effort in safeguarding its customers' information security, intellectual property, and business reputation

In its endeavour to meet customer security requirements, IMS has committed itself to upholding the highest information security levels. IMS follows its own thoroughly documented security policy, with information security enforcement procedures and practices modelled on the BS 7799 Information Security Management Standard guidelines. The IMS Information Security System undergoes regular internal reviews and external customer security audits with regard to BS 7799 Standard requirements

IMS' top security concerns are shaped in line with our clients' business objectives and include:

Information Security

The IMS Information Security Policy imposes stringent requirements on acceptable use of all data and equipment owned by IMS and our clients. The building blocks of the IMS Information Security System are:

IP Protection

All IMS personnel and affiliates having access to business critical information (data, documentation, software etc.) commit themselves to appropriate use of such confidential information that belongs or pertains to another party and is entrusted to IMS under business partnership contracts

IP protection guidelines are incorporated in corresponding job descriptions, appropriate information security enforcement procedures and Non Disclosure Agreements to be signed by all IMS personnel. Under these instructions, the IMS personnel must keep confidential all work-related information, data, software, and documents and surrender all such materials upon termination of service engagement to the employer

Personnel Security Awareness Training

We at IMS fully realize that human factor is the key to providing an adequate and appropriate level of security. Thus, IMS engages in an on-going personnel security training program to ensure that all personnel are aware of information security threats and concerns and are capable of effectively applying the IMS IS Policy

The IMS personnel involved in using and managing information and technology resources owned by the company and its partners undergo training to ensure they:

Physical Security and Access Control

IMS provides uninterrupted control over physical security at all of the facilities under the company's control:

Business Continuity Management

IMS runs a well-established business continuity management process to identify and reduce security risks, prevent business disruptions and security failures, and ensure fast recovery from disasters. For this purpose, IMS has developed and actively pursues a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), with an on-going framework of BCP reviews, real time emergency and disaster recovery tests conducted both internally and jointly with involved clients

The IMS Business Continuity Plan provides for: