our mission

We are committed to providing support, experience, and innovative ideas combined with unrivalled service, dedication, and diligence, to ensure cost effective solutions - as Global Players we need each other

our vision

To become a leading support provider to the project management, electrical/mechanical service, machinery installation and relocation, and production/process improvement industries in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to collaborating with clients to form a partnership that provides them, their employees, and their society with superior value

To ensure a steady progression towards this reality all IMS team members are dedicated to this same vision of providing experienced support and cross cultural advice that is current in this ever-changing global marketplace

our philosophy

The world today is producing technologies with ever-expanding applications in fields ranging from information technology, communications, and machinery, through to equipment, control equipment – and even greeting cards! New product development is flourishing. So, too, are the opportunities for major productivity improvements in almost every industry. It is now a daily occurrence to push frontiers to new limits

The pressures of rapid change and new rules for competition are reshaping the manufacturing industry constantly. The ability to adapt by speedily creating new processes and redefining existing processes is critical to success in the industry. Miniaturisation, increased functionality, rapid product development, speed to market and safety have redefined performance goals. Harvard’s Robert Reich has described an environment where “worldwide competition continues to compress profits on anything that is uniform, routine, and standard”

We have responded to this challenge by developing new business processes in partnership with clients and suppliers. Our operations emphasise flexibility, speed, and safety. The formation of specialised teams ensures IMS responds to new opportunities

Industries served by IMS typically have:

Our ability to meet exacting quality and safety standards and to solve difficult problems, has won us major contracts with leading international manufacturers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Region. At the same time we maintain a pragmatic balance of a permanent workforce of highly skilled individuals, complemented by an internationally based support team to maximise the flexibility and efficiency IMS offers its clients