our people have been living and working in China for many years
and so have the experience and the skills to guarantee your success

IMS Global Services in China

Understanding China is far more complex than simply understanding the Chinese language. IMS representatives are based in China and we have very close affiliations with many other colleagues in China and Australia like China Blueprint. We offer a complete package to enable you to simply and successfully build a bridge between your project and China

our direction and our people in China

We are thoroughly committed to our presence in China and are continuously working to further develop our current relationships whilst establishing the grounding for future expansion in the region

Our exclusive mutual co-operation agreement with our representative partners in China, enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services. We also support our clients' existing project management teams ensuring on-time design, construction, and commissioning of their projects

Our team has over 24 years experience providing consultation and project management services to a wide range of industries and specialised clients throughout China. Our company licence also allows us to carry out electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire services as well as a comprehensive range of miscellaneous installation services

Our China Operations Manager Alan Young is now permanently based in Kunshan, Jiangsu, just a short 20 minute trip to Shanghai or Suzhou. Alan, a British Engineering and Management professional, joined the IMS team in 2007 to provide on the ground engineering support in Greater China. Alan has been working mainly in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Brunei for over 15 years and has extensive Engineering, Management and business development experience in the region.

Alan transferred to China full time in 1998 and has since been appointed by the Local Chinese Government as consultant to Kunshan Euro-American and Japanese investment promotions Centre. This title of Honour was presented in recognition of work carried out on behalf of the local government. Alan was the first foreign resident in the area to receive this title and has since been contracted by Jiaxiang county government as a business development consultant to assist in the development of the area.

Our China based Engineering Support Manager David Cheadle is permanently based in Shanghai. His extensive top level management experience in plastics, packaging, steel fabrication is a most valuable asset for our team

The experience gained by all our people during their many years working in China and throughout the region, in addition to our empathy with the Chinese culture, business practices, social structure and the Chinese people all combine to give IMS an invaluable insight into the business world in China

With our rapid response capability IMS is able to quickly and efficiently service the local market and operate from a central hub for the complete region

Many IMS people are based in Asia and the remainder all have extensive experience working in Asia, so we are able to provide a personalised and localised service with an understanding and empathy for the local culture. This is true for both business and social situations and ensures a smooth transition for all projects undertaken by our team

We are able to support currently established local Chinese service providers at all levels with personnel and/or teams that have the expertise, experience, OHS qualifications, and internationally recognised standards. This enables us to give local companies the ability to offer World’s Best Practice services backed by the support of a team that is guaranteed to deliver

In particular in China, we see a vast area of opportunity for our peoples specialised skills and expertise, and although it is by no means an easy, simple, or rapid path, it is most definitely an enjoyable and enlightening journey

All the people at IMS look forward to our expansion in China and the growth this brings to us both in business and personally